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T-Spine Foam Rolling

Sets: 1-2
Reps: Find and release 2-3 tender spots

What equals a rep: One pass up and down your upper back (thoracic spine). Your t-spine runs from the base of your neck to about where your ribs end


-To encourage blood flow to the targeted area and release muscle tension

Common Mistakes:

After 2-3 attempts at releasing a specific tender spot, it may not go away THAT DAY. This is a time to practice some acceptance, allow things to not be perfect, and allow it to 'just be' for now while you shift focus to what demands your attention in the moment. You can always come back to the same area after training or the next day. If you don't notice any tender spots on a given day, that's fine and is a good sign.


-Sit on the ground and lie back with your upper back on the foam roller


-Keep your hips lifted and tucked underneath you as you roll between your upper and middle back


-You may perform small crunches as you move back and forth in order to further open up your t-spine


-Be sure your hands are alongside your head and not pulling on your head or neck


-Do not go any higher than your upper back (onto your neck) or lower than your middle back (into your lumbar spine/low back)


-Pay attention to what you're feeling

When you can't focus, you can't play your best. 

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