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  • Week Trial

    Start Playing Your Best
    Valid for one week
    • Access all WYW's features for one (1) month
  • Season (6 Months)

    Play your best this season
    Valid for 6 months
    • Use WYW to overcome challenges this season (6 mos)
  • Best Value

    Lifetime Access

    Be your best every season
    • One-time purchase. Get WYW and all content updates for life
  • Performance Anxiety

    Two-part mental skills training video on performance anxiety
    • Performance Anxiety Breakout Course
    • 4 Exercises
Winning Match

What do you get with a subscription?

  • An athlete-tested, self-paced online mental skills training program

  • Exercises for focus, mobility, core control, and enhanced recovery

  • An Exercise Library full of drills to customize your pregame routine

  • A structured plan for setting and achieving season-long goals

Why can’t I focus? How do I let go of bad games? Why don't I feel confident?  

With mental skill training and a solid pregame routine you have the tools to think and play your best every day. 

Once you've subscribed, you're ready to get started: 

  1. Log in to WYW 

  2. Practice Mental Skills (10 min)

  3. Follow WYW's Warm Up (5 min)

  4. Go play or train with your team

When you aren’t mentally prepared, you’re more likely to: 

  • Choke under pressure

  • Have trouble focusing

  • Practice better than you play

  • Let anxiety and nerves get to you

  • Be victim to negative thoughts

  • Feel under-confident 

Train your mental game and perfect your pregame routine with WYW

WYW wants to make a difference for you and for others

Use Offer Code


Use offer code RSF at checkout for $10 off Lifetime Access.

50% of your purchase supports research for individuals suffering from PTSD.

Operation RSF is a veteran-owned non-profit providing support, accountability, and community to assist in the relief of the symptoms of PTSD through physical activity and exercise.

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Use offer code


Use offer code LTM at checkout for $10 off Lifetime Access.

50% of your purchase price is donated to the Lift the Mask program to cover the costs of mental health services for athletes.  

Lift The Mask is dedicated to providing mental health and performance support and resources for the goalie community. Our program is volunteer-driven and is operated by The Goalie Guild, a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation based in Castle Rock, Colorado.

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