Why can’t I focus? How do I let go of a bad game? Why don’t I feel ready? When you build mental game drills into your warm up, you won’t need to ask these questions. Your body and mind are ready to go.

With a mental game program, season plan, and solid pregame prep protocol you know how to be physically and mentally ready every day. When challenges arise during the season, you have tools to stay consistent and perform your best. Your physical warm up ensures your body is ready to play. Your mental skills empower you to let distractions go and focus.

There’s no reason to spend extra time doing mental skills training, when you can build it into your daily routine. Use WYW to reap the benefits of mental performance training every practice, workout, and game day.

Once you've subscribed, you're ready to get started. Log in to WYW's member area before your next training session: 

  1. Practice Mental Skills (10 min)

  2. Follow WYW's Warm Up (5 min)

  3. Go play or train with your team

Be focused, feel ready. 

When you aren’t mentally prepared, you’re more likely to: 

  • Choke under pressure

  • Have trouble focusing

  • Practice better than you play

  • Let anxiety and nerves get to you

  • Be victim to negative thoughts

  • Feel under-confident 

Train your mental game every day so you're free to play like yourself 

You know yourself and your body better than anyone. Win Your Warm Up helps you perfect your pregame prep by giving you mental skills and guidance to choose the drills that fit you best. WYW is an athlete-tested program designed to be customizable to your mental training and physical prep needs.

WYW wants to make a difference for you and for others

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Email mike@winyourwarmup.com with RSF10 in the subject line.

$10 of your purchase will be sent to Operation RSF.

Operation RSF provides support, accountability, and community to assist in the relief of the symptoms of PTSD through physical activity and exercise.

Email us


Email mike@winyourwarmup.com with LTM10 in the subject line.

$10 of your purchase will be sent to the Lift The Mask program.

Lift The Mask is dedicated to providing mental health and performance support and resources for the goalie community. Our program is volunteer-driven and is operated by The Goalie Guild, a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation based in Castle Rock, Colorado.


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