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Your Mental Routine Didn't Work?

You bank on your Reset Routine to refocus you and get your mind to go blank. What do you do when that doesn’t happen? You’re not in a bad position, if you get some perspective.

Reset Routines help you detach from distractions, like negative thoughts, so it’s easier to focus on what you need to do at the moment (there's a whole guide here). That doesn’t mean you’ll be fully focused every time you 'Reset.' There’s no guarantee your mind will be completely clear either. You’ll be somewhere between where you’d like to be and where you were a minute ago and that’s not bad, especially if you allow yourself to be a little imperfect.

It’s easy to set a rule about a routine by believing it has to work perfectly in order to play well. That takes away the functionality of the routine. With a ‘it has to be perfect’ perspective, you set yourself up for negative thinking about yourself and your situation, if you don't feel perfect after it's done. See a Reset Routine for what it is - an aid that helps you get closer to where you want to be mentally. If it becomes okay to have just a little better focus and a slightly clearer head than a minute ago, you’re freer to take your attention off of yourself and put all of it that’s available on the play.

Reset Routines are a lot like a warm-up. Routines don’t guarantee perfection, but they make a good game much more possible by helping you feel readier than you were a minute ago. When you’re ready for help with your mental game and pregame routine, learn more about Win Your Warm Up. Or, check out more articles in the blog.

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