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The How's and Why's of WYW

When you can't focus, you can't play your best.

Win Your Warm Up teaches you mental skills and physical drills to perfect your pregame prep.

You play your best when you’re focused and ready.

Three professional coaches got together and realized something was missing from our athletic careers. We realized that something is still missing from athlete’s preparation programs and coaches tool kits. We said: this needs to exist.

Too many teams don’t have easy access to mental skills training or strength coaches. Finding time to fit mental training into an athletic schedule is hard. So is finding a strength coach who will design a warm up to fit your needs. Win Your Warm Up removes the guesswork by providing you resources and teaching you how to use them. It’s a 12-week online mental skills training program that integrates mental training into your warm up.

Every coach and athlete has a warm up routine they like - we love that you do. So, we built warm up exercises into the WYW program that most coaches and athletes don’t know are missing. You get to pick and choose what you need. Add 1-3 exercises to your warm up and use them as vehicles for mental skills training. This means your body is ready and your mind is focused before the whistle.

Once you’ve completed Win Your Warm Up, there’s no more feeling like ‘I just need a few minutes and a few plays to settle in’ - you approach games differently, feeling differently. What does a training session look like using WYW?