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Ever Struggled to Stay Positive During an Injury?

An injury creates limitations. Yes. 100%. That doesn't mean you're 100% limited on what you can do to grow your game. A small shift in perspective will create opportunities for you to succeed - potentially in areas where you’ve struggled in the past. How you view your injury and situation impacts your recovery experience.

A perspective that accepts limits and views what you’re capable of as an opportunity for growth keeps your rehab engaging. Hard physical limits tell you what you shouldn’t do, but those same limits inform you of where you can focus to grow your game. It takes expertise to build a training plan, but there’s people in your corner to help!

Conversations with your doctor, physical therapist or athletic trainer, and strength coach help you create a training plan both for rehab and a stronger return in unaffected areas. A meeting with your coach helps you find drills you’re capable of doing and film to study, so you return both stronger and more skilled. Finally, if your team has access to a mental skills coach, you’re able to work on mental skills like mindfulness or visualization.

When you need guidance on training the mental game or dialing in your prep work on IR, Win Your Warm Up is here to help. If you're not ready to try WYW yet, we have a Performance Packet full of sleep, mental game, and recovery info to help you elevate your game.

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