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Don't suffer because of

your mental game

Use WYW as your guide to be

focused and ready every day

Win Your Warm Up teamed up with the Midwest Knights to bring you
the best in pregame routines and mental skills training

  • Season

    Play your best this season
    Valid for 6 months
    • Use WYW to overcome challenges this season (6 mos)
  • Lifetime Access

    Be your best every season
    • Get WYW and all WYW content updates for life

What do you get as a subscriber?

  • An online mental skills training program

  • Exercises for focus, mobility, core control, and enhanced recovery

  • An Exercise Library full of drills to customize your pregame routine

  • A structured plan for achieving your goals


How do I let go of a bad play?

Why don't I feel confident?

What do I do about negative thinking?  

With mental skill training and a solid pregame routine you have the tools to think and play your best every day. 

Once you've subscribed, you're ready to get started: 

  1. Log in to WYW 

  2. Practice Mental Skills (10 min)

  3. Follow WYW's Warm Up (5 min)

  4. Go play or train your best

When you aren’t mentally prepared, you’re more likely to: 

  • Choke under pressure

  • Have trouble focusing

  • Practice better than you play

  • Let anxiety get to you

  • Be victim to negative thoughts

  • Feel under-confident 

Use WYW to strengthen your mental game and perfect your pregame routine.

Be focused and feel ready every day.

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