Win Your Warm Up is for committed athletes.

Mental skills blend into your warm up, progressively challenging your abilities.

Once you've warmed up, you're more focused and have mental skills to use right away.

Win the mental game before the whistle.


Phase 1

Focus on the moment


Get out of your head

Phase 2

Accept challenges


Focus on what you need to do

Phase 3

Commit to goals 


Graduate WYW with a plan


You need your body to work for you - it hurts when it doesn't.

Build easily-missed exercises into your warm up that also help you practice the mental game.

After feeling the difference, you'll have the tools to design a warm up that suits your specific needs.

Build a tougher body and mind.


Release Exercises

Reduce muscle tightness


Allow greater range

Reset Exercises

Find strong positions


Create a stable base

Readiness Exercises

Own your range 


Prime yourself to perform


Using WYW

Before you train, log on to WYW for a Check-In to:

  1. Learn mental skills for focus in difficult situations (10 min)

  2. Use 3 WYW warm up drills to feel readier, plus get reps of mental skills (5 min)

  3. Follow your or your team's warm up feeling focused, readier to perform

How WYW Changes Your Game

Phase 1

Mental Game

Build skills to focus and let distractions go using easy-to-learn drills and breathing exercises. These skills are built into your warm-up, giving you reps of the mental game in low-pressure situations (your warm-up!).

Physical Performance

The warm-up exercises WYW's strength coaches deliver help you get into and out of athletic positions more fluidly, breathe to recover, and keep a stable base. 

Phase 2

Mental Game

Begin using advanced mental game exercises to perform in challenging situations. Learn to 'let go' more - whether that's negative thinking, difficult emotions, or playing like yourself even when things don't go your way. 

Physical Performance

Your skill at focus while you do difficult drills is advanced and your mobility is challenged. You also get access to the Exercise Library to start designing your own custom warm-up!

Phase 3

Mental and Physical Come Together

Build mental skills into your practices and sport. You will be adept at knowing how to let distractions go, deal with setbacks, and play like yourself more often!

You will make a plan for your season that includes:

  • Personal Goals

  • Mental Skills to Meet Your Goals

  • A Warm-Up that Prepares You Best

Win Your Warm Up isn't easy. It's for committed athletes

who want more advantages to play focused, feel ready

and win before the game starts

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