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Hip CARs

Sets: 1-2 per side
Reps: 3-5


-Help you gain active range of motion at the hip
-Allow you to control that range of motion

Quick Tips:

Use these prior to a workout or practice to help your athletes access and control more range of motion about their hips.


Your players can learn and use Hip CARS on their own - more than a handful of goalies like doing this first thing in the morning.  


-Stand next to a wall with your arm outstretched, pressing into the wall


-Drive your inside knee up-Rotate from the hip and point your knee towards the wall, keeping your toes pulled up


-Keep rotating from the hip as you bring your shin parallel to the ground, keeping your knee as high as possible


-Think about kicking the wall behind you as you bring your leg down and around


-Reverse the motion to complete one repetition

-When you notice your mind wandering off, catch yourself and focus on what you're feeling in your hips.

-Practice noticing and acceptance the limits of your range of motion without forcing past them - just notice, accept and fully control what's there

When you can't focus, you can't play your best. 

WYW is a 12-week online program teaching you mental skills and physical drills to perfect your pregame prep.

You play your best focused and ready.

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