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Behind Win Your Warm Up






Jess Buckley


Coach Dan is the head of strength and conditioning at Omnevo Wellness Academy and also oversees Omnevo's college intern curriculum. With 20 years of weight room experience as an athlete and competitive lifter, formal education at Western Michigan University (Bachelors of Science in Ex Sci) and 10 years of coaching experience, Dan is equipped with the knowledge, experience, and desire to help you meet your health and performance goals. 

Dan works with high school, college, and professional athletes, most of which are hockey players. He also works with competitive power lifters and many general population clients who are looking to lose fat, get strong, and improve their quality of life.

Dan Allison

Mike Stacey II

Jess Buckley is a personal trainer and strength coach out of Ann Arbor, MI. She trains general population clients and athletes in person and online. Her background as an ice hockey player and strength athlete has helped her program and coach through a lens that respects the needs of the human body. Jess’s personal experience with chronic pain due to years of improper movement patterns and musculoskeletal injuries has given her a unique empathy and compassion for helping her clients.


Jess’ educational background, devotion to lifelong learning, and enthusiasm for understanding human movement allow her to go beyond just exercise selection. Her understanding of biomechanics allows her to effectively program for strength and performance without sacrificing movement quality and able-bodiedness. Jess pairs breathing strategies to restore optimal position and movement with strength and performance programming to give each client exactly what he or she needs to not only get stronger but move and feel better.

Mike Stacey is a mental skills coach, owner of Mike Stacey Mental Skills (MS2), author, and speaker. For Mike, it is a privilege to have assisted national team, professional, Division I to Division III, and youth athletes of various sports, as well as juniors hockey players in training the mental game.


Through work with individuals, teams, a M.S. achieved at TCU, and a bachelor's from Purdue, Mike draws on a diverse background and knowledgeable network to serve every athlete and coach to the best of his ability.

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