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90/90 Hip Lift w/ Internal Rotation

Sets: 1-2
Reps: 10

What equals a rep: a full mouth open exhale x 5 seconds, a pause, deep nasal inhale x 5 seconds, pause, repeat all while holding the desired position (described below)


-Allows athletes to practice moving their hips underneath to align / stack with their rib cage.

-Helps athletes get some deep breaths in without too much anatomical restriction (in most cases)

-Enables the adductors/ hamstrings to get some low level practice training the hips to extend and rotate

Quick Tips & Common Corrections:

Use the 90/90 Hip Lift w/ IR prior to a workout or practice. It fits right between foam rolling (Release) and your typical dynamic warm-up exercises (Readiness). 

-Practice the breathing tempo before getting started to acclimate you, it will be challenging for some


-Lifting too high off of the ground.  We want to bring your tailbone off of the ground slightly while keeping your low spine-head on the ground. 


-Find a head position that allows you to breathe with the least restriction. 


-Reaching too aggressively. We want the arms and shoulder blades fully reaching forward, but not too the point where you are shaking like Hulk Hogan mustering up a comeback pin. 


-Some athletes mention they feel the back of their knees in an uncomfortable manner. Typically, getting them to apply less pressure from the foot helps them distribute the tension a lot better and they feel more hamstrings than joints after correcting. 


-If you cannot perform the tuck by digging the heels into the bench (maybe you’re working through rehabbing a knee), then just do the exercise without the lift / tuck. Still squeeze the yoga block and try to create some tension in your hamstrings, albeit not quite as much it is still valuable. 

Set up: 

-Lie on your back.


-From this position, place your heels on a bench or box so that your shins are parallel to the ceiling.

-Get your heels planted just outside shoulder width apart

-Place a yoga block or something similar between both thighs (in a pinch, a rolled up towel or hoodie works).

-Drive both knees up toward your hips as far as you can without your low back peeling up off of the ground.


-Drive your knees to the ceiling slowly by pulling your heels into the bench & squeezing the yoga block hard enough to keep it there.  

-Lift your knees high enough so that you feel your tailbone tuck up off of the ground while your low back remains on the floor. Maintain this the whole set.

-Now you get into the respiration portion of the drill. Following the breath tempo listed above in the “sets / reps” area, maintain the aforementioned position while doing so for the desired amount of breath cycles. You should feel your rib cage sink down & back.

-You get an excellent opportunity to practice the mental game by paying full attention to what you're feeling.


-When your attention drifts off, simple reel it back in by noticing what you feel. This also ensures you're doing the exercise well. 

When you can't focus, you can't play your best. 

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