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Get 3 free Win Your Warm Up drills

Play focused, feeling ready every day


1 Release Exercise

Get a drill to relieve muscle tension and help you move better from the bottom up. 

JB heel raise.JPG

1 Reset Drill

Try a drill that helps you move and breathe better. You'll be less restricted when you move and breathe to recover more easily! 

Half-Kneeling Ankle & Hip Rock.JPG

1 Readiness Exercise

Get more hip mobility. You get better control over a bigger range of motion, so you're more bullet-proofed against the unexpected.

Even the best athletes miss a few steps in their warm ups. Get your pregame prep better dialed in with 3 drills. You put in the effort to be your best, so you should have the tools to feel good every time you compete. 

-Release exercises reduce muscle tension set the stage for better movement

-Reset drills allow you to breathe and move with less restriction

-Readiness exercises give you the mobility you need to train and compete

Take every resource you can get to optimize your performance. The drills Coaches Dan and Jess picked out for you are a few of the easiest to miss in your pregame prep, but make the biggest difference. 

When mental and physical work together, you play your best. There's mental skills built into each exercise. Get the drills, enjoy feeling focused and ready.

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(P.S. as a bonus, we'll send you a mental skills drill, too)

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